Scheduled Delivery
& Route Services

For companies that require recurring, time-definite pickups and deliveries (such as hospitals or home patient deliveries), you need a delivery or courier service that you can count on. Whether you are a specimen medical lab, doctor's office, government agency, attorney, insurance agency, or real estate company, you are looking for a company that allows you the most efficient and economical method of logistics services.

Greenwalt Delivery Service Inc.

You Should Expect Consistency In Your Service

Are you experiencing a drop off in the quality of service you receive when your regular driver with your current courier is absent or on vacation? That's something you shouldn't have to deal with.

With GDS, a member of our management team will familiarize themselves with the intricacies of your deliveries and complete a detailed write-up and description of your service to be used in Operations.

Notes will be entered in the order, and write-ups will be distributed to the regular driver and a backup driver. We feel it's important for all our Operations and Dispatch team members to be familiar with your scheduled deliveries to ensure you receive the quality service you expect and deserve. Our Scheduled Services Manager constantly looks at and receives updates on any and all service changes that may take place.

Outsourced Dedicated Route Management Services Eliminate:

  • The need to maintain a fleet of vehicles and personnel
  • Vehicle expenses such as lease payments, gas, parking, tolls, insurance, breakdowns, accidents, repairs, rental vehicles, and vehicle replacements
  • Continuous maintenance costs and repairs
  • Insurance premiums, accident claims, and payouts
  • Hiring, firing, labor laws, training, time off
  • Paying overtime and sick days
  • Vacation days and holidays

Delivery. Logistics. Solutions.

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Outsourcing route delivery drivers has proven highly cost-effective
for our clients, saving them 18% to 40%.

Dedicated Route Delivery Driver:

  • Between Multiple Locations & Offices
  • Business to Business
  • Pharmacies, Labs, Hospitals & Blood Banks
  • Urgent & Rush Delivery Specialists
  • Scheduled Routes, Hourly or Dedicated Service
  • GPS-Tracked Deliveries
  • Immediate Real-Time Automated Proof of Delivery Sent to a Mobile Device or Email
  • Save Time & Money on Transportation Expenses
Greenwalt Delivery Service Inc.
Greenwalt Delivery Service Inc.
Greenwalt Delivery Service Inc.
Greenwalt Delivery Service Inc.
Greenwalt Delivery Service Inc.